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Social Responsibility

Working in the field of Health, Safety and Sustainability we feel strongly about championing safe and sustainable businesses. In our line of work the responsibility is ours to help place the right people with the right companies to ultimately work towards a more positive world, and as a young business the responsibility is ours to grow in a manner that is safe and sustainable.

We are, therefore, committed to instilling best practice and driving sustainable business development in our mission to leave behind a lasting, sustainable legacy for future generations.

This mission is underpinned by our three sustainability pledges.

Community Pledge

We feel strongly that businesses should contribute positively to the community and that a sustainable future depends on this.

That is why we pledge to donate a % of each recruitment fee to charity. Rather than nominating our own charities, we allow our clients to choose the charity so that we can contribute to those causes that matter most to our professional partners and their own communities.

Environmental Pledge

We are a small company and our carbon footprint and resource requirement is very small in comparison to some of the companies that we are in partnership with. However, we believe that all companies should start off on the right foot when it comes to sustainability and that we should strive to be leaders not just facilitators in our field.

That is why we pledge to develop and grow our company in a sustainable manner, always monitoring our energy efficiency, waste and procurement practices to minimise our environmental impact.

People Pledge

Our business is people. We value these people over and above any economic business transaction, which is vital for the sustainability of our business as well as the success and development of each candidate and each company.

That is why we pledge to always put people above any transaction and instil in our staff a strong code of ethics hinged on honesty and integrity so that each placement we make is one that we believe will achieve positive personal as well as business development.